Swiss Precision LiDAR Mapping

Sixense Helimap, a member of the Sixense group, is a Swiss company providing LiDAR and photogrammetric data acquisition and processing services. We use helicopters, drones, ultralights or terrestrial vehicles.

The original and unique design of our systems gives them unparalleled intervention flexibility, unlimited modularity and the ability to map the terrain from all angles.

Our expertise allows us to rapidly deploy around the world and produce high-precision data for small to medium areas.

Our sectors of activity

  • Corridor mapping

  • Oblique mapping of complex and inaccessible areas

  • Mapping of small and medium areas

  • High precision / resolution (1-10 cm)

  • Thermal / NIR / oblique / panoramic imaging

Our strengths


  • State-of-the-art technology

  • High definition scanners and cameras

  • Specialized staff

  • Personalized services

  • Commitment to quality


  • Modular acquisition system

  • Vertical or oblique acquisition

  • Flexible installation on different aerial & terrestrial platforms

  • Custom processing & development


  • Rapid mobilization (a few hours in Switzerland and in France)

  • Redundant systems

  • Quick installation on the carrier

  • Incremental and prioritized processing

Facts and Figures

years of experience
countries overflown
projects realized
0 million
high-resolution photographs captured
0 billion
LiDAR points acquired
0 km
inspected power lines
flying days per year
specialized engineers
0 cm
precision and accuracy

Helimap System in action

We operate worldwide

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